Tractel DYNAROPE Tension Meter

Various Models Available
Starting Capacity - 2kN

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Tractel DYNAROPE Tension Meter

The DYNAROPE tension meter is a prevision device for measuring forces in a tensioned cable or rope. The meter can be attached directly to the cable.

Applications: antenna wires, suspension bridges, electronics, sailing ships etc.

When the tension meter is placed on a tensioned cable, the load cell will generate a signal which is more or less proportional to the force.

There is a large variety of cables, each cable having its own characteristics such as composition, diameter, rigidity, density etc. The database includes several basic wire rope data.

We are happy to to help you choose the right model and parameter settings in our wire rope database. The RWT model has been developed especially for railway overhead lines.

The HF36 series have a standard USB link for managing and storing measurement results on a PC. The kit can also be used as a stand-alone system.

The delivery (kit) includes:

Plastic case, measuring sensor, handheld display + LPT cable, USB cable, batteries and software loader light. Also includes CE certificate, calibration report and user and maintenance manual.

  • Can be placed directly on cable or rope
  • Stand-alone or PC connection
  • IP 65
  • Storing measurement results
  • Extensive wire rope database
  • Customized setting
  • Accuracy <1% FS
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