Yale Spring Balancers - 1.3 - 2.3mtr Lift

Various Models Available
Starting Capacity - 9kg

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Yale Spring Balancers - 1.3 - 2.3mtr Lift

Yale is now able to offer a wide range of spring balancers and retractors.

Spring balancers allow the worker to move the suspended tool or object up or down with very little effort. Depending on the spring adjustment, the object will remain in position or retract when no force is applied.

With a spiral groove on a tapered drum, the winding radius is increased to match the torque build-up of the spring, thus neutralising it and achieving a balanced condition. This is the main difference between spring balancers and retractors.

Retractors are designed to retract the cable when no force is applied. An amount of downward force must be continually applied to keep the suspended object at its extended position. The torque output of the rewind spring increases as the cable is extended, and retracting the suspended object to the uppermost adjusted position when released.

• YBF series, 0.5 - 200kg (standard type). Enclosed body design ensures operator safety; no trapped fingers or hands. The YBF has an anti-wear feature that prevents damage to the aluminim housing and can be replaced without dismantling the housing. Wire replacement can be done without dismantling the body. The containerised spring cartridge enables safe and simple servicing.

• YBA series, 9 - 70kg with additional safety-device (wire arrest mechanism). The YBA series has all of the features of the YBF series, but also has a wire arrest system. This is ideal for applications where there is the possibility of damage to the wire strands, e.g. fabrication, welding production lines and anywhere where there is a repetitive process.

Possible applications include: Resistance spot welding machines, Measuring machines, Compressed air equipment, X-Ray apparatus, Power tools (electric driven), Welding machines, Welding templates, Paint spraying apparatus, Cages

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Spring Balancers
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Single Acting
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50mm - 99mm
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